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Skilled Handling Of Family Law Cases

Individuals often spend a lifetime building their wealth and their business. Yet during times of divorce, everything most important to you may be at stake. Courts may make determinations regarding division of a home, real estate concerns, a family-run business, stocks, bonds and retirement plans. It is therefore important to have on your side an experienced attorney who will look out for your interests and prevent depreciation of your assets through a lengthy and contentious court process.

Since 1978, the lawyers at Dale & Eke, in Indianapolis, have been helping individuals and businesses preserve and protect their wealth. By getting to know your circumstances, we can tailor our representation in best suiting your needs. We provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to your property division issues. As experienced litigators, we are always ready to fight for your interests in court.

Evaluating What Is Yours

Our law firm has access to accountants and experts who can accurately assess the value of your marital assets. We will assess the value of your property that includes:

  • Financial investments and assets
  • Real estate holdings
  • Business assets and inventory
  • Retirement benefits and accounts

It is also important to understand that not all property involves marital assets. While under Indiana law, marital assets are subject to equitable division, assets you brought into the marriage belong to you. Our law firm makes certain any division property is fair. We also make certain that accomplishment of any transfer in property takes place with a minimum amount of taxation and expense.

Advocates Concerning Complex Asset Division Matters

Divorce is complex under any circumstances. The process is even more complex when dealing with the division of substantial marital assets. Our Indiana family law attorneys focus upon taking the right steps to achieve your short- and long-term goals. We will provide you with a straightforward assessment of your case, and we will discuss with you the best available options.

Let Us Help You

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