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What should you do while preparing to show your house?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Real Estate

As with any real estate process, selling your house can be frustrating due to the sheer amount of details involved.

However, even the smallest of improvements can catch a potential buyer’s attention.

Pay attention to cleaning

According to the New York Times, walking through your house as if you were a potential new viewer is one way to tell if you missed important details while staging it. Deep cleaning your windows and making sure to clear up particularly dusty areas can lead to a great first impression. Waxing and polishing floors can also help give an otherwise dull room a fresher look.

Brighten up the rooms

Making sure there are three points of light in each room is another way to draw attention to the layout of your home. You can use a small pendant lights, a large lamp or an overhead light to help balance out the brightness of each room.

Balance the colors

While you may love your walls as they are now, a fresh coat of paint can help draw new buyers in. Bright or neon wall colors overwhelm most people, so try to choose neutral or grays in order to make each room more appealing. Adding a pop of color with a bright pillow or blanket can also work in living rooms or bedrooms.

Depersonalize your decorations

Putting away photos or other personal items is one way to keep your buyers focused on the house itself. It may also make it easier for people to imagine themselves living there in the future. Clearing away your other personal clutter, such as toothbrushes or razors in bathrooms, creates a more professional look.


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