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Does contract negotiation impact long-term relationships?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | Business Law

Contract negotiation influences the entire outcome of business relationships you have. Reaching an amicable agreement may provide all participants with sustainable benefits.

When you understand the correlation between negotiation and your ability to build sustainable relationships, you can better prepare for success.

Identifying commonalities

As you enter negotiations, you probably have a clear picture of what you want to get out of the agreement. Sometimes, your list of benefits may cloud your ability to see the other party’s vision. According to the Harvard Business Review, identifying commonalities and aligning expectations enables synergy rather than competition. With everyone working together to solve differences, a mutually beneficial agreement can develop with ease.

Recognizing common goals is an excellent way to encourage everyone to uphold expectations. It makes much more sense for everyone to work toward a shared objective rather than unintentionally working against each other to achieve independent benefits.

Building trust

From the onset of negotiations, you have the opportunity to use ethical strategies to build trust and credibility with the other party. Starting any business relationship with a strong foundation of trust can encourage a rewarding and sustainable outcome. You can encourage the other party to trust you when you implement the following behaviors:

  • Present evidence of success
  • Demonstrate flexibility and empathy
  • Uphold strong values and integrity

Throughout the process of negotiation, you can set the tone for the duration of a business relationship. Periodically reviewing contracts and the relationships you have can help you assess the effectiveness of your tactics. If at any point you feel modifications will improve your relationships, you may consider updating the terms of your contracts.


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