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Who should receive a copy of your will?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2022 | Estate Planning

If you have written a will, you are likely doing considerably better than most of your neighbors. In fact, according to reporting from CNBC, nearly 70% of Americans lack an estate plan. Now that you have finalized your will, you may wonder who should get a copy of it.

Giving out too many copies of your will can be risky. After all, the contents of the document may irritate or even alienate those closest to you. If you do not want to have to explain your wishes repeatedly, you should be selective when distributing your will.

Your attorney

It is always a good idea to give your attorney a copy of your will. Indeed, when you need to revise your will, having a copy in your lawyer’s office helps to streamline the process. If your estate planning lawyer drafted the document, of course, he or she already may have it on file.

Your heirs

It is usually wise to give a copy of your will to everyone who it affects. This lets those closest to you know about your intentions. It also may help to insulate you from undue influence, as your loved ones may notice any red flags you have overlooked.

Your file

Finally, you should keep a copy of your will in a place you can easily access. This is because a will rarely reflect its writer’s intentions forever. Being able to get your hands on the document quickly allows you to read through it regularly and make modifications quickly.

Ultimately, if you have some concerns about distributing copies of your will, your estate planning attorney can likely provide some valuable guidance.


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