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How can you vet charitable organizations for your business?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Business Law

Giving back to charity can give your business a sense of purpose and strengthen your connection to your community. Often, charities will approach business owners for donations, especially toward the end of the tax year.

Unfortunately, not every charity wants to give to those less fortunate. Scammers will also try to get your money.

Take your time choosing a charity

Do not make impulse contributions. If an organization tries to pressure you for a contribution, inform them that you want to consider the donation first. Before you can confidently donate, you need to know that the organization has good intentions and does not intend to take your money for themselves.

Ask questions about all charities and fundraisers

Your charitable contribution needs to be thoughtful. Before you make a decision, ask questions. Ensure you know the organization’s name, the percentage of donations they spend, how they use their contributions and how long the organization has gathered donations.

Once you have information, do your own research. Look up the organization online to ensure they do not have associations with scammers. To continue your due diligence, search for the organization with additional words such as scam and complaint. All organizations should have a legitimate website that you can view for more information.

If you have suspicions about a charitable organization, do not donate. When you contribute to charity, you want to ensure that your money goes to those in need rather than into the pockets of scammers. Look for reviews from charity watchdogs before you donate.


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