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Is having a regular doctor visit important for benefit maintenance?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Business Law

Now more than ever, it is important to see a doctor regularly for wellness examinations and regular check-ups. This is particularly important if you are currently out of work and relying on financial support payments.

In many cases, you must update your medical file once every three months in order to continue qualifying for these benefits. Insurance companies might begin looking to cut your payments if you fall behind in these regular updates.

Unemployment benefits today

The U.S. Department of Labor discusses the status of current unemployment benefits. Though the CARES Act offered more support and protection during the recent economic upheaval and distress, many insurance companies no longer accept the excuse of financial turmoil when it comes to a failure to keep up with regular health check-ins.

The importance of health checks

Insurance companies use these regular medical checks to keep track of your overall health and wellness. In particular, companies use them to monitor your recovery if you currently lack employment due to a work-related illness or injury. This is why it is crucial to continue keeping your medical records updated, as it shows a true and linear progression of your health by which insurance companies can judge the payment they give you and make adjustments accordingly.

Unemployment benefits differ from other forms of financial support, such as disability benefits or paid medical leave. You will need to decide what sort of assistance you require and what form of support will meet your needs. The right support will help to ensure you can recover and get back to work.


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