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How to handle a driveway encroachment

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2024 | Real Estate

Managing a driveway encroachment can pose unexpected hurdles for homeowners and might lead to conflicts with neighbors. Knowing how to handle this issue is important for protecting property lines and keeping good relationships with neighbors in the community.

There are four steps that you can take to handle a driveway encroachment without taking legal action.

1. Identify the encroachment

Start by identifying the encroachment on your property. This may involve measuring distances and reviewing property surveys to find out the exact extent of the encroachment.

2. Communicate with the neighbor

Initiate a conversation with the neighbor who is responsible for the encroachment. Approach the discussion in a respectful and positive manner, sharing your worries calmly and clearly. Providing proof, such as property surveys or pictures, can make it easier to show them the problem.

3. Explore amicable solutions

Work together with your neighbor to explore potential solutions that are mutually beneficial. This could involve negotiating a boundary line adjustment, relocating the encroaching structure, or entering into a formal agreement on the use of the affected area.

4. Document agreements

Once you agree on a solution, make sure to write down what you have agreed on. This written document should explain what each person will do, set deadlines for when it should happen, and list any other things both of you promised to do. Having this written agreement is important because it stops any confusion and gives you something to refer back to if issues come up in the future.

By following these steps, you can address a driveway encroachment and resolve the matter effectively.


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