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Reviewing data on employment discrimination as a business owner

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Business Law

Understanding your options is crucial if you run a firm currently facing an employment discrimination case. It is helpful to go over data on employment discrimination to understand the prevalence of these cases. Business owners should also take steps to prevent workplace discrimination to avoid finding themselves in this position.

Sometimes, false claims lead to legal action and damaging consequences, even though the employee(s) pressing charges did not deal with any violation of their rights. This highlights the importance of looking over evidence thoroughly and approaching a case correctly.

Statistics on the prevalence of discrimination charges

Data published by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission shows that the agency saw more than 61,000 charges filed over allegations of discrimination during fiscal year 2021. It is important to note that this only includes cases handled by the EEOC, not charges filed at the local or state level.

The EEOC received over 67,000 discrimination charge filings in fiscal year 2020, over 89,000 during fiscal year 2015 and more than 99,000 in fiscal year 2012.

Data on different types of discrimination charges

Based on EEOC statistics, over 22,000 discrimination cases in fiscal year 2021 involved disability discrimination, more than 20,000 involved alleged racial discrimination and over 18,000 involved sex-based discrimination. Age discrimination accounted for 12,965 charges and 6,213 charges arose due to alleged national origin discrimination.

To safeguard the reputation of your business, understanding various examples of unlawful discrimination and addressing a claim properly is pivotal.


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