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When should succession planning start and why is it important?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2024 | Estate Planning

Succession planning is an important aspect of ensuring the long-term stability and prosperity of a business. According to Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc., the risk of not having a succession plan is apparent to about 60% of business leaders it surveyed in 2022.

It is never too early to begin succession planning. It should be part of the fabric of a company’s strategic vision from its inception. All leaders within a business should also understand why it is so important to start early.

Time for development

The process of succession planning involves identifying and nurturing individuals within the organization who have the potential to assume key leadership roles in the future. Starting this process early allows ample time for grooming and development. It ensures a smooth transition when the need arises.

Waiting until a leadership vacuum emerges can lead to rushed decisions and inadequate preparation. It can greatly impact the company’s stability.

Opportunity to advance from within

Early succession planning provides organizations with the opportunity to identify and nurture talent from within. It allows for recognizing individuals with leadership potential and investing in their growth. An added benefit is that it boosts employee morale to promote from within. Plus, internal candidates are more familiar with the company’s values, culture and operations. This provides a more cohesive transfer of power when the time comes.

Built-in risk mitigation

Unexpected events, such as the sudden departure of key leaders, can have a significant impact on an organization. By having a well-established succession plan in place, companies can navigate such challenges with greater resilience. It also minimizes disruptions and allows for the maintenance of operational efficiency.

Succession planning is not solely about replacing key figures. It is also about building a sustainable future for the organization. Starting the process early provides the chance to build a future leadership team that is ready to step in and keep the business moving forward.


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